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McDermott G-Series Pool Cues

McDermott G-Series cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. G-Series cues are covered by a lifetime warranty (including warpage) and our Lifetime Maintenance Plan.



Hardcore performance. Traditional feel.

The G-Core is the perfect blend of technology and classic feel. It has the benefits of carbon fiber core technology with the familiar feel of a traditional maple shaft. G-Core shafts come standard on McDermott G-Series cues $420 - $1,090.


Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

The G-Core’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends through the first 7 inches of the shaft. This stabilizes the front-impact area of the shaft for increased control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and limits the inconsistencies found in traditional maple shafts.


Radial Consistency

Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The G-Core's Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core technology will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for cue ball squirt.


Carbon Tenon Technology

G-Core shafts feature a carbon fiber ferrule core. This technology results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maximum impact properties and enhanced feedback. The red ring at the base of the ferrule acts as a dampener to help absorb shock upon impact.






Don't see a team spirit color you like? Click here to view available selections, drop us an E-mail of the team spirit cue you like, & we will get it ordered for you...NO-BS!

McDermott G-Series Team Spirit Pool Cues - TS3-G03 - 19oz

SKU: R1-TS3-G003-19
$530.00 Regular Price
$450.50Sale Price
  • 19oz