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Pure X HXT 5-in-1 Jump/Break Cue

The Quadruple Threat Pure X Jump/Break Cue features an extended MZ Grip technology wrap and Pure X technology jump break shaft with Carbon Fiber Impact System and XLG Quad Face tip. This cue also features four interchangeable quick-release joints so you can pick your perfect shot - short jumps, two separate long jump configurations, shots requiring increased torque and leverage, and of course explosive breaks - this powerhouse does it all. Five separate configurations - from a 35.5 dart (Long Jump extender + shaft) to a 58 full jump/break (Air Flight jump handle + Long Jump extender + Power Driver with wrap + shaft) - make impossible shots look easy.


  • Four quick-release joints for 5 jump / break combinations
  • Pure Xbreak shaft is tough enough to stand up to your most powerful shot - and handles finesse shots like a dream
  • Super-hard XLG Quad Face tip with extended sweet spot and virtually indestructible
  • Carbon Fiber Impact System for increased stiffness and strength
  • MZ Grip wrap with three distinct traction zones to handle any kind of shot you throw at it

PureX Technology Jump/Break Cue-Grey

SKU: R1-HXT-P5-19